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Board Members 2018


Chris Giannini
Email: [email protected]

This is Chris’ second year on the board. And second year as president.  He enjoys the challenge of coordinating all the components of the league. He manages a ranch in San Gregorio with his wife. Where he raises livestock and farms. In his spare time he and his family likes to go camping, hunting, fishing and horseback riding. He has two boys in minors division. And he really enjoys seeing there grow in baseball. He wants to be a part of helping the league grow and be a positive influence for kids on the coast.

Phil Hophan
Vice-President / Tee-Ball Divisions Player Agent
Email: [email protected]

Phil has been coaching kids since he was a volunteer at the YMCA when he was ten years old, his only summer job in high school and college was directing summer camps. Phil's current profession has him working with kids everyday. Baseball was important to his development when he played in elementary school, middle school and high school, and he loves to watch, play and coach the game. Hence, Phil has done everything he can to contribute to HMBLL these past nine years, four of which he has served as a Board member. Phil has managed teams at tee-ball, coach pitch tee-ball, AAA, and minors levels, as well as for super bowl teams when there has been a need. Phil has three children playing baseball, one in tee-ball, minors, and juniors. Phil has managed the Fall Ball league for the past three seasons, and has acted as the tee-ball player agent for the past five years. Phil currently holds the post of VP of the League. In 2018, Phil introduced whiffle tee ball, a new league level for HMBLL. Phil worked with the Board to bring Junior Giants to Smith this last summer. For the 2019 season, Phil is working to bring baseball to the children of the south coast including Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Phil loves all that baseball stands for and all that is does for the young people of HMB.


Emily Costerison
Email: [email protected]

This is Emily’s first year on the board.  Emily is a pharmacist and works for a Bay Area Biotechnology Company.  She is a mother to 3 growing boys (ages 9, 5, 3) and has seen first-hand the benefits of baseball for her sons.  They have experienced camaraderie with teammates, built confidence in their athletic ability, and developed patience in learning and playing a complex game.  As a volunteer, she is excited to foster the supportive culture of HMB Little League.  Currently, Emily has a child in Minors and Coach Pitch Tball.


Dillon Morra


Email: [email protected]


Dave Hipkins
Coach Coordinator / Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)
Email: [email protected]

This is Dave’s first year on the board.  Dave started his involvement with HMB LL as an AAA coach for his daughter (who is heading off to college next year).  This is his son’s 4th year in HMB LL and will be in the Majors division. Dave and his wife have lived on the coast for 25 years and all three of their children (in college, high school, and middle school) have grown up in Moss Beach.  Their children always say how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful place, and Dave agrees! Professionally Dave has spent most of his career as an engineer building satellites and managing programs. He loves the game of baseball and believes it provides a great venue for kids to develop many important life skills without even noticing it! The importance of finding confidence after "striking out" and how good it feels when you make contact the next time up, the closeness you feel to your teammates when they pat you on the back after a tough loss and the excitement of a come from behind win. In his experience, learning these lessons outside the baseball field were not nearly so fun! As the coaching coordinator, he hopes to promote awareness of these aspects of the game and in so doing help HMBLL be recognized for what it is: a great place to play ball, form friendships and build community.


Bob Baer

Registration / Information Officer

Email: [email protected]


Corey Gunning

Fields / Safety Officer / Minors Player Agent

Email: [email protected]


Darla Cunha
Snack Shack
Email: [email protected]

Darla joined the board in 2016 and has filled multiple roles within HMB Little League to help support fundraising, merchandise, Hit-A-Thon, Snack Bar, and other special events. Her background is in Finance, specifically consumer lending with a specialization in subprime mortgage underwriting.  You may often find Darla with paintbrush and hammer in hand: in her time volunteering she has painted all the dugouts, backstops and bathrooms, and also renovated the snack bar. In addition, last year she raised over 16K for new little league uniforms.  Currently, her son is playing in the Juniors Division. 


John Costa

Uniforms / Equipment

Email: [email protected]


Liza Cristol-Deman
Email: [email protected]

This is Liza's second year on the Board, although she has been hanging around Smith Field since 2006. Her oldest son, now a freshman in college, started in tee-ball and played through the Juniors level. He also managed a HMBLL minors team during his senior year at HMB Half Moon Bay High School. Her younger son is a seventh-grader who will play in the 54-80 league this season. Liza also has been a scorekeeper for several HMBLL teams. She loves seeing the bonds that develop among teammates and the benefits that come from baseball, such as enjoying time outdoors away from screens, learning teamwork, and building resilience. When she is not enjoying sports, she works as an attorney in a local firm that handles cases of discrimination in housing. 


Stephanie Morales

Opening Day / Pictures

Email: [email protected]


Jolene Vreeburg
Fundraising / Sponsors / Merchandise
Email: [email protected]

Jolene is an active volunteer in the community for her children (ages 9 years and 6 years).  She started with HMB Little League in 2011 when her daughter participated in t-ball and currently her son is in AAA.  Her experience in volunteering over the years includes Girl Scouts of Northern California, AYSO, HMB Girl's Softball and the Cabrillo Unified School District.  Jolene is a senior litigation assistant at Walmart eCommerce.  She looks forward to working with HMB Little League to create a positive baseball experience for our children on the Coastside.


Mike Crudeli

Player Agent Coordinator / Umpire-in-Chief

Email: [email protected]


Jon Rose

Juniors Player Agent

Email: [email protected]


Lito Alvarez (Associate)

Majors Player Agent

Email: [email protected]


Steve Bacich (Associate)

Challengers Player Agent (Co-Lead)

Email: [email protected]

Steve LeBlanc (Associate)

Challengers Player Agent (Co-Lead)

Email: [email protected]



Tad Costerison (Associate)
AAA Player Agent
Email: [email protected]

Tad has been involved with HMB Little League since his oldest son started Teeball in 2014.  Growing up in Indiana, Tad spent a lot of time playing sports and sees the benefit of youth baseball in learning about teamwork, patience, and building athletic ability. In addition, Tad sees the value of community within HMB LL.  He loves when his son plays a 2-hour game and still wants to hang out, eat at the snack shack, and watch other friend’s games. This year, Tad has a 9-yr-old in Minors, a 5-yr-old in Coach-Pitch TeeBall and a 3-yr-old who is anxious to join his big brothers on the field. As the AAA player agent, Tad looks forward to learning more from a larger group of players and parents to make the HMB LL community even stronger.



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