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Field Maintenance


Be a part of a group of volunteers who are responsible for managing chalk, gas, locks, watering of the fields, along with larger projects (mound and batters box repairs, weeding, etc) and field conditions throughout the season.


Email: Field Maintenance Manager

Field Prep


The Home team prepares the field before a game. The Visitors take care of the field after the game. We encourage both teams to work together to complete field prep/clean-up.

  1. Give the entire infield dirt a thorough spraying, but do not soak the surface. Water the infield from dugout to dugout including foul territory; the infield from 3rd base to 1st base; and the pitcher's mound before dressing (“dressing” means painting the lines and batters’ boxes on the field). This is to help pack the dirt and hold down the dust. 

  2. Use the gator and drag to drag the infield in a clockwise rotation. Stay at least 18” away from dugouts, back stop, pitching mound or cover, and outfield grass line to prevent damage to the equipment and the build-up of infield mix at the outfield transition(lip). Use the rake to complete the infield.

  3. Remove cover(fold up and place in foul territory) and spray the pitcher's mound during this process. Do not soak the mound, a simple light spraying is all that is required. 

  4. Remove the mushroom-shaped plugs in the anchor plate at the three bases and store them in the gator. 

  5. Remove batter’s box mat and place next to backstop on 3rd base side in foul territory.

  6. Using the narrow wooden-handled trowel, remove any dirt or water from the base anchor tube in the ground at one of the bases. Please make sure the correct bases are on each field. 

  7. The base is comprised of two parts; the flat “base plate” with a metal post on the bottom to fit into the tube of the anchor plate, and the “pillow” top. Please make sure that each part is aligned correctly (the pillow and the base plate) before installation. Manicure the dirt so that the “base” is level. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at the other two base locations.


  1. Two persons make this job easier. Please note – we have metal batter box templates, and stringers for each field –they are located in the container behind snack bar for field #1 & #2, the construction box in 3rd base dugout for field # 3, and in the container by field #4 for Field #4 & #5.

  2. Attach the string to the eyelet on the backstop behind home plate; stretch it taught so that the string aligns with the right diagonal edge of home plate, the outside edge of the “base” and the edge of the grass outfield, creating the 1st base foul line. Ensure the string is taught all the way down the line.

  3. Use the batter’s box template. Trace a line in the dirt around all four sides of the template to form the batter’s box.

  4. The line is the outside edge of the batter's box. Use the chalker to chalk on the traced line.

  5. Chalk the foul line up to the “base.” Remove the base and continue chalking the line until you reach the outfield grass.  Perform this process for both the 1st and 3rd base foul lines.

  6. Repeat steps 8 through 11 along the 3rd base side of the field.

  7.  Put the hose back in place along the fence line. Put the batter’s box template, rake, shovel and tamper back in the equipment shed.

  8. Roll up the string and place it in the storage area with the chalker, and place it in the equipment shed.



  1. Place bases back on shelves in storage containers and mushrooms back in each base anchor.

  2. Lightly water the infield dirt again, base paths, home plate and mound and rake & drag all areas as specified above.

  3. Pitcher’s mound: please take care to re-pack rubber and landing area with additional clay if needed. There is red clay and compaction plates in the equipment room. This will help maintain the mounds throughout the season. Add clay, smooth out with rake, and pack it down with hand compaction plate. Repeat process as needed until the finish grade is back even with existing grade.  

  4. At the end of the day close the container door, secure the latches and lock.


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